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3 Important Things You Should Know About Customized LASIK

Last updated 6 years ago

Customized LASIK surgery allows more people to enjoy the benefits of excellent vision.  A personalized surgical procedure, Customized LASIK surgery involves additional diagnostic evaluation to give a detailed synopsis of a patient’s unique optical characteristics and errors. This allows the doctor to create a treatment plan that is customized to fit the patient’s distinct optical needs.

Here is a look at what you can expect from a customized LASIK procedure.

1.  Screening

Screening involves using two different types of equipment, the Orbscan II and the Zywave. The Orbscan collects data from the structure of your cornea and the Zywave obtains a measurement of your eye using advanced wave-front technology.  The data is combined to program the laser with a tailor-made treatment plan to correct your specific vision errors.

2.  The Surgical Procedure

The first step in vision correction is to create a thin flap in the cornea. In order to correct vision, it is necessary to expose the corneal layer beneath the surface, called the stroma. This is where the Bausch & Lomb excimer laser will do its work in reshaping the cornea. Using an eyedrop called proparacaine, the eye is completely numb for the procedure.  You can’t feel anything on the eye.  After the eye is numb, the surgeon uses a lid holder to hold open the eye and prevent the patient from blinking. 

Once the stroma is exposed, a special iris tracking device is locked onto the image of the eye.  This special FDA approved iris tracker is offered in New England exclusively at Clear Advantage.  Most laser systems have a standard eye tracking mechanism which monitors and tracks the eye movement during the LASIK procedure.  Our iris tracker not only monitors the eye movement, but actually follows the movement of the iris, which can not only move, but actually rotates when your head moves (such as sitting up versus laying down).  This special safety feature helps ensure that the laser is delivering the most accurate treatment during the procedure. 

Once the cornea has been reshaped, the tissue is repositioned and the patient can sit up and see instantly.  Vision immediately after the procedure is slightly blurry, as if you are wearing an outdated pair of contact lenses in a foggy room. 

3.  After the Surgery

Once the LASIK eye surgery is complete, patients are sent home to rest their eyes. They are given eye drops, sleeping goggles, and special sunglasses to protect their eyes throughout the healing process. Most, if not all patients can drive and return to work the day after the procedure!

If you are interested in customized LASIK eye surgery, then contact the professionals at Clear Advantage in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We provide our patients the latest in technically advanced eye corrective procedures so that they can enjoy better vision and quality of life. Call or visit our website for more information.


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