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A Patient's Guide to LASIK Options

Last updated 6 years ago

LASIK eye surgery is today’s  preferred vision correction procedure. If you are interested in undergoing LASIK to correct your vision, read on to learn more about your various treatment options:

LASIK is a two step process.  First we have to get to the cornea, then we have to reshape it. 

Getting to the cornea can be done in several ways:

  • Microkeratome – bladed mechanical device
  • Femtosecond Laser
  • PRK

LASIK eye surgery begins with the application of numbing eye drops and the use of a lid holder to keep the eyelids motionless. Next, a flap is created in the front surface of the cornea with the use of an instrument called a microkeratome or a femtosecond laser like the Davinci.  A hinged flap is created to expose the corneal tissue below. 

Unlike the microkeratome, DaVinci LASIK does not create a corneal flap with a cutting device. Instead, it quickly and accurately creates millions of air bubbles in the front surface of the cornea that overlap to form one large bubble that can then be lifted. Some patients who have been ineligible for LASIK eye surgery due to thin corneas or dry eyes may be candidates for DaVinci LASIK. 

With PRK, an alcolhol based solution loosens a very thin layer of tissue, which is removed to expose the corneal tissue below.  This tissue will regenerate but will require a couple of additional days of recovery.

Reshaping the cornea:

Traditional LASIK Surgery

 The excimer laser used for LASIK utilizes a cool, short beam of light to alter the shape of your cornea, helping you see better without eyeglasses or contacts. The laser has built-in safety features that shut it down if the eye moves during the procedure, ensuring accuracy and safety.

Zyoptix Customized LASIK

Zyoptix is a personalized type of LASIK surgery. During the diagnostic process,  our  office utilizes multiple types of testingto develop a specialized treatment plan. The testing  process uses two types of equipment: The Orbscan II collects information on the structure of your cornea, while the Zywave measures your optical system. The data obtained during the testing will be used to determine a treatment plan that is unique to each eye. Zyoptix LASIK offers better-quality results when compared with standard LASIK, particularly for night vision.

Meet with the experienced ophthalmologists at Clear Advantage to determine which type of LASIK eye surgery is best suited to your needs. Located in Portsmouth, NH, Clear Advantage uses the latest and most advanced LASIK technology to permanently correct your vision.  Call us at (603) 379-6817 to schedule a consultation.


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