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How Do Your Eyes Work?

Last updated 5 years ago

The human body is a complex and fascinating machine with thousands of parts and systems that must work together seamlessly. Your eyes are no exception—although they are only an inch in diameter, your eyes have several parts which must work in unison to focus and filter light, allowing you to see the world around you.

  • The Cornea

Light enters the eye through the cornea, which is a thin, clear layer that covers the eye’s outer edge. The light that comes through the cornea is refracted, or bent, as it enters the pupil.

  • The Iris

The colored portion of the eye, called the iris, can contract and dilate to change the size and shape of the pupil, which is the black center of the eye. As the iris forces the pupil to open or close, the amount of light entering the eye changes.

  • The Lens and Retina

Behind the iris and pupil lies the lens. The lens of the eye functions much like the lens of a camera. Light focused by the lens is projected onto the retina at back of the eye. The retina is the part of your eye which contains photosensitive cells, called rods and cones. Cone cells help you to see in bright light and provide clear central vision. In addition, cone cells are good at helping you see color and details. Rod cells assist in peripheral vision, help you see in situations with limited light, and perceive movement. The light captured by the retina is transformed into an electrical signal that is sent to the brain through the optic nerve. The brain then uses the information from the eye to produce an image.

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